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Welcome to our fire pit page on this site. Here, you'll find all sorts of information about the different types of fire pits you can use for burning wood in your backyard. We'll cover various options for building your own fire pit, as well as reviews of some high-end models that you can buy directly from well-known retailers.


Wood burning fire pits are available in a variety of designs that can suit your every need. Wood burning fire pits or outdoor fireplaces are an excellent addition to any yard. They warm you up in the winter, make a beautiful centerpiece for backyard gatherings, and provide you with a great place to cook. Whether you want to get fancy or keep it basic, here's some advice about choosing the right fire for you and your family. There are all kinds of fire pits you can buy for your backyard. Outdoor fire pits come in natural gas, propane, electric, and wood burning. Each kind has its benefits and drawbacks. Plus, the type you choose also depends on where you live.


For example, if you live close to the woods it might be easier to find a good supply of firewood than if you lived far away from it or had unreliable access to it. But what if you don't want to cut your own wood? There are fire pits that use logs specially created for burning indoors. These burn cleaner and longer than wood you find outdoors, so transporting them is a lot easier for you. So, it's important that you decide if you want a fireplace or a wood burning grill in your backyard? How about using one in the summer so you can enjoy a cookout while you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather? If you love the look of an outdoor patio living space, but aren't crazy about the idea of chopping wood, burning fire pits are a great addition to any home. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, giving you everything your home needs for an ambiance that has any space looking as if it's right out of The Sims.


You could also keep your outdoor fire pit burning all winter long with the convenient and safe Folding Utility Wood Burning Stove. Equipped with a heat-resistant top and an open flame grate, it's perfect for cooking as well as heating. Cooking up a meal at the camp fire, roasting marshmallows, and having the whole family around a beautiful fire pit will cireate the memories that will last a lifetime. Burning Outdoor Fire Pits are great for parties, backyard gatherings or just sitting around the fire pit with family and friends on cool nights. You could also use this stove to melt snow around your property, or to keep your home sheltered from harsh temperatures. Operate the stove using the adjustable valve damper for complete control over the amount of heat and smoke it releases.


Constructing an Outdoor Fire Pit for Your Home


There are many materials to choose from when constructing an outdoor burning fire pit in your backyard, and each has its pros and cons. Metal is attractive and does not easily rust or warp, but it is also expensive. Rocky Mountain Fire Pits offers stone, metal, concrete and fire glass for your outdoor burning fire pit. Here's a list of the types of inexpensive fire pits you can build that's perfect for your backyard. Be sure to follow these step-by-step deconstructive instructions carefully, to learn how to safely construct and install a beautiful outdoor fire pit for your 


Building an Outdoor Fire Pit Ring


To get started, you will need to purchase a fire pit kit comprised of blocks and a metal ring insert. A kit like the one in this project is easy for a beginner do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) to tackle in a weekend. We’re using one of the smaller kits for this project, but there are different options available so you can fit the fire pit to your home and outdoor space. Always check the contents of your kit to see if you need additional materials before assembling. You can install our kit on grass — on top of a gravel paver base — or on a patio. You can also design and build a custom fire pit using rectangular retaining wall block or set the fire pit in the ground.


Click here for more instructions on >>> How to Build a Custom Fire Pit


Building an In-Ground Fire Pit


We built our fire pit with a patio surround, so you’ll need to apply the same steps for building a paver patio. For our pit, we used cast patio pavers that look like stone. The pavers are the same shape and size and fit together several ways to create a natural look. The patio will sit even with the ground, and the depth of the pit will depend on the thickness of your patio stones and concrete block lining. To see detailed steps as well as tips on designing stone layout patterns, check out How to Design and Build a Paver Patio. 


Click here for more instructions on >>> How to Build an In-Ground Fire Pit


With some kindling and firewood, your fire pit will be ready to become the center of your backyard. So, be sure to invite your family and friends to your first fire pit party. You could make it a huge success by amazing your guests with your cooking and grilling skills. They will thank you for making the party a blast!



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